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Curve Ball

As a publicity stunt, the last-place Seattle Mariners hire the first woman to play professional baseball. She must overcome prejudice and handle an unexpected romance to prove that a baseball diamond is truly a girl’s best friend. This may be the next screenplay I rewrite as I think Dani needs to struggle more before she makes the team. As it is now, she is given the position through no work of her own.

Lock The Door

When a gang of ruthless kidnappers stage a violent home invasion they get more than they bargained for. The babysitter is a vampire… and she’s awfully thirsty! This was the screenplay that landed me an agent. Unfortunately, it’s fundamentally flawed. Once it’s revealed that she’s a vampire, why does she stay around? Why doesn’t she just grab the little girl and escape? I love this script… probably one of the best I’ve ever written. But I can’t get past that glaring plot hole.


After her mother is killed in a car accident, a young girl attends therapy to deal with her emotions. But her story about ghosts doesn’t add up, and the therapist manages to uncover the truth about his patient. Short version of a full length script idea I had. See the short film here.


A priest with a dark past goes on a fishing trip with his friends. After an encounter with a mysterious woman, he begins to think that evil may be among them. Co-written with AJ Hordijk. Based on an original idea by Rob Hamilton, Brandon Rose and AJ Hordijk. Deep religious thrillers aren’t exactly my cup of tea, but writing some of the banter between the girl and the guys was a lot of fun. See the trailer here.

Ufology 101

When a brilliant professor is ridiculed for his belief in UFO’s he sets out to prove they exist – by hoaxing a UFO encounter. His plan works perfectly as Men in Black appear all over town. When he is kidnapped and taken to Area 51, his geek friends go up against the US Military to stage the most amazing jailbreak of all time. Co-written with Steve Kuhn who has directed numerous Disney Channel shows. Based on an original idea from Steve Kuhn. This script still makes me laugh.

The Visitors

Lock The Door, but this time with aliens. A gang of kidnappers must team up with their victim when bloodthirsty visitors from another planet invade their safe house. Fast-paced. I love the gruesome twist near the end. A good sound designer could have a great time with this one.

The Platform

A window washer is trapped on his platform thirty stories in the air by a vicious, unseen sniper. When it’s revealed that his wife has been kidnapped, the window washer must play a series of deadly games to make it off the platform alive. Fun. Phone Booth on a window washing platform. The second half stuff with the computers gets a little too complicated for my tastes. I may return to this someday. I like the main character.

Starvation Gulch

One of my first low-budget script successes that almost went into production. Five teens go into the woods and must survive when one of their own becomes infected with a deadly virus that causes her to become a cannibal. Gruesome, gory, and fun. Joss Whedon’s Cabin in the Woods ripped this genre to shreds, but I think this one could be salvaged.

Corsages and Death Rays

Imagine a world where superheroes and supervillains are real. Now imagine those supervillains having to suffer through high school. This is the story of Max, an up and coming supervillain, who must convince a girl to go to Prom with him in order to destroy his arch nemesis, Captain Freedom. I love this script! Funny from beginning to end. I could definitely see this as a Disney Channel movie or animated film.

Mirror, Mirror

Ok, so that Julia Roberts Snow White movie stole my title. It still fits here. This is the story of the world’s most famous actress and her body double who just happens to look just like her. Through manipulation, lies, deceit and murder the body double pushes her way into the actress’s life, eventually replacing her altogether. This was my attempt at a female-centric thriller. Fun to write, with some tasty dialogue. And yes, I envisioned this with one actress playing two roles. Is Amy Adams available?