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This is a short film written by me and filmed by Eric Haviv and the talented cast and crew at FUGO Studios. The intent of the film was to showcase a powerful HD camera and how it compares to the latest iPhone camera. An interesting experiment. As for the screenplay, I started this with the intention of it being a full-length film. A Sixth Sense meets X-Men ghost story with a twist. I liked how the beginning and the ending came together, so I just chopped out the middle and made it a short script. The opening scene in the car was added after filming began at the request of the director. He was correct, as that opening moment really adds something. You can read the original script here.



Father George Cooper became a priest after his wife and son were killed in a car accident caused by his alcoholism thirteen years ago. Ever since he’s dedicated his life to helping troubled people back on track. Over the past year, he has mentored a former addict named Sam who has recently completed his first year of Seminary. The two, together with fellow men of the cloth, Father Blake O’Brien and Father Thaine Bradley, go on their yearly fishing trip to Thaine’s cabin in the woods of Washington State.

The day they arrive, a mysterious beauty stumbles into their cabin saying her car has broken down. Despite George’s suspicion they decide to let her stay for the weekend. During her stay, strange and mysterious occurrences begin. After a horrific vision, George becomes convinced she is the devil in disguise. He decides he must get her out of the cabin and tries to convince his friends. They believe his worries to be no more than paranoia. It seems George is being manipulated from within his inner circle.

George’s obsession reaches a dangerous high when his dark visions significantly increase. As George begins to questions his own sanity, the violent death of a close friend forces him back to reality. In order to fight imminent evil, George must confront his own haunting past. By the end of this brilliantly dark tale of brotherhood, guilt, obsession and redemption, audiences will question their own recognition of good and evil.

Based on an original idea from the talented guys at Mind Venture Pictures, this was a full-length screenplay I was hired to co-write. The trailer was created to attract funding to complete the movie. As of this moment, the project is on hold. This studio had other projects released since I wrote this so I remain hopeful this will see the light of day. You can read the screenplay here.