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Born in England but raised in Alaska, I now reside in the beautiful Pacific Northwest with my wife and 3 cats of varying personalities. I fiddled with writing short stories and novels in my younger days before writing my first screenplay in 1997. Through a bit of self-motivated education, reading many books by people much smarter than I, and befriending people in the industry I finally landed a literary agent 10 years later. Yes… success in Hollywood takes that long unless you’re related to someone named Spielberg. On other pages, you can readDuncan&I some of the screenplays I’ve written (thankfully, the one from 1997 is NOT on here… mostly due to embarrassment). I’ve had a few options, been hired for a few writing assignments, co-written a few with some very talented people, and even had a few short films made of my work. Though I’ve transitioned into novel writing, I still get crazy movie ideas from time to time. It’s my first love. After my next book is published I may go back and write another.

The Phoenix Project began as an idea for a movie or TV series. Even now, as you read it, I hope it comes across as something that would be visually exciting up on the big screen. My goal was to write something that was appealing to young people, be they male or female. Hopefully it has enough action and sci-fi stuff to appeal to the boys while maintaining a young girl’s search for her sister as both a universal theme of family while also appealing to the female audience. I thought Hunger Games did that brilliantly. I can only hope that Ellie is as popular as Katniss some day.

Thank you for visiting my website. Stay tuned! More to come!